My Yahoo! - Webby Awards:
People's Voice Winner
Yahoo! Finance - Webby Awards:

Upload Taking Print To The Web, Showcased Trek and Trek BMX web sites. Illustrations and design descriptions for 14 case studies of taking traditional print media to the WEB, "brick and mortar" to "click and mortar".


Academy of Art University:
Attended the New Media and UX/DIG Design program.
Masters Institute:
A.S. New Media Design.


Sketch, Flinto, Invision, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, XD). HTML, CSS, Coda, Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, Apple Motion, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro.

 Linkedin Highfive

Jeffrey holds all the desired qualities an interface designer should have and then some. He has a instinctive understanding of technical constraints - this allows him to absorb requirements, innovate, and deliver visual solutions with little engineering guidance. A wearer of numerous hats, Jeffrey gets the job done!

Roland Blanton
Engineering Manager, Yahoo!

 Linkedin Highfive

Jeffrey makes the whole team look great with his thoughtful creations. I'd always get compliments about his work from everyone in the business. His work literally inspired employees to want to be a part of our company mission. He works well in a cross-functional team bringing the knowledge and discipline of world class design. Not only does he produce high quality design, he's able to bring this design to life through design guides and presentations. After the design was finalized, Jeffrey would QA the implementation at various stages of development (we called them "design reviews"). He owned and took responsibility for his designs for the whole product lifecycle. He's business-oriented in that he can produce his high quality QUICKLY which is a RARE talent in the design world.

Jeffrey ran the design for the consumer site and also did the design for many of the assets for our B2B business His ability to work in a cross-functional team, produce high quality work, and work quickly make Jeffrey a designer I'd recommend any friend needing to get their company noticed and their product loved.

Jim Morris
CTO at PowerReviews

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Every so often one gets to work with someone who leaves a very positive mark on one's career and Jeff is one of those individuals. I was fortunate to work with Jeff at Fogdog Sports and our collaboration resulted in some incredibly rewarding efforts. We had to build a brand, develop marketing vehicles, site designs and general interface solutions for a fast-growing company, and what became one of the top e-commerce companies on the Web (per Fortune Magazine). Jeff was a very large part of that recognition and success. He was a pleasure to work with, he had great insight and ideas, and routinely made us all look better with his design and thinking. I look forward to the day I get to work with Jeff again, as it was truly a pleasure to work with him.

Mark [Lucky] Loncar
VP, Executive Producer at Fogdog Sports

 Linkedin Highfive

Every so often one gets to work with someone who leaves a very positive mark on one's career and Jeff is one of those individuals. I've been working with Jeffrey on design projects for nearly 15 years. Although I'm remotely located in San Diego he still manages to understand what my needs are, a testament to his communication skills as a designer. We have worked on countless projects encompassing his broad skill set from web development and brand design and online media marketing. Jeffrey comes with my highest recommendations in all levels on design, a true leader in his field. Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

Michael Gammond
Senior Unix Engineer

My top three skills are:  

1. Visual Design

Creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

2. Interaction Design

I enjoy solving design problems - whether through user testing feedback, reviewing and building user workflows, or by using up-to date design patterns. I'm confident that I can build anything for any platform.

3. Team Player

I believe that everyone is a designer and can contribute, thus making me a great team player that will work directly with the cross functional teams to develop designs that work for the customer and the team. I also enjoy pair designing for faster and more impactful results.

I’ve been a designer for 18 years. 13 of which are E-commerce, ratings and reviews, starting with Fogdog Sports, GSI Commerce (now Ebay) and Buzzillions, which is a ratings and review site for finding the right product. I designed the Buzzillions shopping iOS app, working with a front-end developer on a daily basis. Five of those years I worked at Yahoo!, a design agency called RDUX, and I did several freelance and contract positions. I also worked at a company called Bay Dynamics, a cyber security company.

Contract - CX/UX/UI, Visual Design, Brand, Logo & Front-End

2006 - Present

  • Nor Cal Sup, Inc.
  • Alexion Printing
  • MON.AI
  • InfluxData
  • Remedi Prototype
  • Monster Products
  • Lifetile
  • RDUX Design Co.
  • EverSport
  • Groove Careers
  • Chicks and Sports
  • iPass, Inc.
  • Trail Training
  • BrightFunnel @ KPCB
  • BandPage
  • Blowout Salon
  • Pixelmark
  • MINIMAL Skateboards
  • Porta Vista Hotel San Diego
  • The Glass Door Restaurant
  • PrimeShare
  • Spectre
  • Heather Rae
  • Soggiorno Battistero Hotel
  • Omnicell, Inc.
  • Gloo
  • LA Times
  • Monsoon Beverages - Kalm with Kava

Keen / Ingenio - Sr. UX Designer

2016 - Present

Lead Product and Visual Designer for Keen. Providing CX/UX designs that help psychic advisors provide advice to people with pressing psychic questions.

Bay Dynamics - Principal Designer

2014 - 2016

Lead Product and Visual Designer for data security software that organizes and prioritizes security and risk information in an actionable perspective personalized to each member of an organization. Building dashboards, big data design, behavior analytics for insider and outsider threats. Working closely with the product and marketing team.

Bazaarvoice - Lead Product Designer

2012 - 2013

Lead Product Designer for Bazaarvoice Intelligence Analytics. Are we building the right thing? Who are the users? What are the goals? Does the design work? Does the design fit into our overall user experience? What problems are we trying to solve?

PowerReviews, Inc. - Principal Designer

2011 - 2012

Visual Designer and Interaction Designer for the PowerReviews product suite.

Challenge and Solution

I redesigned the review process. Based on some user testing, we discovered that a high percentage of people were dropping off in the middle of the process. At the time, the review form was the last task on the screen, so I moved the rating, name and the review box to the top and made everything below optional. This decreased the amount of people dropping off during the process. I made it easier to write a review.

Buzzillions - Principal Designer

2008 - 2011

Overseeing and executing all creative aspects related to the user experience for Buzzillions (Website, iOS and mobile applications). My first major project included the redesign of a new experience to better fit with the Buzzillions key demographics. This aided in the goal to increase searching for products and reviews. I incorporated the feedback from usability studies, online analytic tools, and key stakeholder business objectives to develop a consistent look and simple interaction for the site. Since then, I have completed three redesigns to continuously incorporate feedback from users and usability testing. Buzzillions is the child company of PowerReviews and currently has 4.5 millions visitors per month.

Challenge and Solution

My first iOS app. I managed the project and provided the wireframes and flows for the front-end developer. Working with him on a daily bases. It was a great mobile exercise to get my feet wet. I documented the app so well that we didn’t need many revisions. Finding all the screens we needed and removing the ones we didn’t.

CCDS, LLC. - Principal Designer

2007 - 2008

CCDS, LLC. - Front-end, branding, logo design, print collateral, visual design and interaction design. Gloo Life - Front-end, branding, logo design, print collateral, visual design and interaction design. - Sr. Visual Designer

2003 - 2006

Senior Visual Designer for the User Experience Design team at Yahoo!. Created visual designs for Yahoo! properties such as Finance, Movies, Health, My Yahoo!, News, Groups, and 360. Involved with rapid prototyping and usability testing for these properties. Interacted well with Interaction Designers, Product Managers, Front-End Engineers and User Research.

GSI Commerce - Sr. Art Director

2001 - 2003

Designed a single commerce solution that supported close to a hundred new and existing partners with a particular focus placed in the checkout process resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates and customer retention - customer examples include Nickelodeon, Sports Chalet, Tweeter, TV Land, Dick's Sporting Goods, Comedy Central, Pax TV, and more. Managed a team of visual and production designers for all site designs to create dynamic sites focused on user centered design practices. Lead design for core business vertical functionality - checkout, search, category pages, and new design patterns. Created the GSI Commerce corporate identity, web site and style guide assisting the company in a strategic branding transition.

Challenge and Solution

When I first started working at GSI (now Radial), the design team were building one off sites, taking the on boarding process several months to launch. I created a few templates for different verticals that we would use for new customers. Placing the new customers into the appropriate template cut the design time in half. Making it easier to develop as well.

Fogdog Sports - Creative Director

1996 - 2001

Created an online brand strategy that positioned Fogdog as one of the top online sporting good retailers which resulted in Fogdog being ranked number 5 in the top commerce sites in Forbes magazine 1999. My platform of user experience, interaction design, and visual design, helped to attain a Nike partnership - unheard of at the time with online retailers. This ultimately led to other major brands developing "concept shops," with Fogdog that began the online commerce presence of brands such as, adidas, Wilson, Reebok, Oakley, and of course the rest of the Nike family. Fogdog was acquired by GSI Commerce in 2000. The Fogdog site has changed a great deal since my involvement.

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